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From: Todd Colbeck
Wednesday — 7:44 a.m.

Dear Business Owner,

Welcome to the most valuable website for financial advisers and business owners!
Says who?

Perhaps the best proof is the words of successful financial advisers (see their testimonials throughout this site.)

My track record is another proof. I’ve produced over 17 million dollars in sales within a month of February in 2003 when working at American Express. That time I was as a region vice-president of Brokerage on the East Coast. And 17 million in sales meant a goal exceeded by 500%. Ever since that February I stayed a top seller in the company.

The reason for that amazing breakthrough was a book I happened to pick up in the airport – “Now Discover Your Strengths”.

It was based on 25 years scientific study made by Gallup.

Gallup surveyed 80,000 greatest managers in the world, and found ONE secret that made them all so successful.

That secret is to focus on what you can do well, and do more of it.

All your life you hear that you should focus on fixing your weak points.

Gallup found out that you can’t change. The greatest managers in the world know it.

They know that education, skills and training don’t matter.

What matters is a talent. That’s why successful managers encourage people to do only what they’re good at.

Eventually I quit the company to help other financial advisers improve their productivity using their natural strengths.

My whole coaching practice is built on the science of strengths now.

For the last five years I’ve been testing and refining the strengths principles with financial advisers and business owners from all over the world.

Now I can claim that I know about strengths more than Gallup’s scientists who did the research.

But in spite of this experience and unsurpassed track record I suggest you first prove to yourself the value of my work before you and I do any business.

Unfortunately, there is so much hype out there that sounds good both online and offline. But as you may have discovered already, a big percentage of it is of no value whatsoever.

The toughest challenge to answer in today’s world may be “who can I trust?”

Therefore, I submit the best way for you to feel comfortable and develop trust in my coaching, is to simply sample two coaching sessions without risking a single penny.

To help you along I offer two 1 hour free coaching sessions.

During our first two free coaching sessions you’ll discover

  • your strengths,
  • your current goal #1
  • your 6 everyday priorities to focus on and
  • you’ll be holding a detailed map of how to achieve this goal faster

You are invited to try these two 1 hour coaching sessions without cost or obligation before you invest your hard-earned money.

In other words, try before you buy.

I consider this approach to be the very best trust-building strategy.

I believe once you’ve sampled the information which is yours to use for the asking, so will you.

Request Two Free Coaching Session Now

Sincerely Yours,

Todd Colbeck

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